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Asked Questions
Why are tickets cheaper when bought from MyWebTrips ?
We get thhave a good nighte tickets from Airline Consolidators who are wholesalers for Air tickets. They have special contracted fares from the airlines due to the volume of tickets they can sell. Any ticket purchases based on these fares are called Consolidator Air Fare tickets.
These airfares have quite a few restrictions and it is always advisable to ask for the details from the travel agent.

As a general rule of thumb, most of these airfares have a penalty for cancellation and changes after purchase has been made. Other benefits of purchasing from us :

1. We usually will be able to get you confirmation on heavily booked flights.
2. You do not have to check with multiple airlines as we will be able to give you deals on all airlines.
3. We will take care of your seat preference, meal preference and frequent flyer numbers.
4. We will keep you updated if there is any change in your flight schedule.

What is the process to book tickets / packages etc with MyWebTrips ?
You can fill the request the form on our home page or call at 408 988 9900. For emergency tickets, feel free to call 24/7 at 510 996 2660.

What are the ticket restrictions ?
Low / discounted fares have the following restrictions :

1. Most of the tickets are refundable but with a penalty.
2. Partially used tickets are no-refundable.
3. Some carriers allow free date change for the return journey ( Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, etc ) but most charge a fee of $ 125 - $ 225 to change the date once in the destination country.
4. Once first sector has been travel , the routing of the ticket cannot be changed.
5. Most of the tickets will have a specific validity beyond which they are not usable.

What are the payment options ?
Once you have the required itinerary, you can pay by credit card or check. We accept Visa , Mastercard as well as American Express.

What is a credit card authorization form?
For any purchase that you make using your credit card, we need a signed document stating that you authorize for the same. This will prevent us from fraud. We will not release any tickets unless we receive these documents. As this document will contain sensitive information, it will be destroyed once you have flown the first sector of travel. The fax is received is an e-fax, so the information is kept safe in an email.

Should I reconfirm my tickets before travel?
Although airlines no longer require reconfirmation, it is always recommended to do so at least 72 hrs prior to departure. We do try and inform you of any schedule changes, but in case you do not receive the message, reconfirming will help you . At this time, you may also reconfirm your meals and seat selection.

Can I cancel the tickets and get a refund ?
Yes, most of the tickets are refundable at a penalty. Tickets will have to be processed by MyWebTrips. The refund process takes approx 4-6 weeks from the date we receive the tickets. If paid by credit card, the refund will be credited to the same card.

Can MyWebTrips design a customized package for me ?
Yes, we do design packages based on your specific requirements like cities, number of days, category of hotels, etc. Please send us an email at or contact at 408 223 9200.
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